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Wellbeing Workshops Companies

We offer Wellbeing Workshops for companies  in France and entire Europe.

Courses can be in english, french, german or spanish.

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Wellbeing Workshops


For whom is it for?

Our program is for modern and innovative companies who care about the wellbeing of their workers.

Our workshops are for your company, if you …

  • Want to support your workers in reducing stress and finding a healthy life-work balance. 
  • Seek to strengthen your team on personal and group level.
  • Want to offer your staff unique wellbeing guidance.

All this in purpose of obtaining more relaxed, happier and therefore more efficient employees with a better group atmosphere.

Health for body and mind

Today, a lot of people tend to overburden themselves; this may brings success at first, but on the long-run, you might pay the price of burn out or other health related issues.

We believe that theory is always much more beneficial when combined with practice. Therefore, we provide a space where you can nourish yourself and connect with your own guidance. 

We support your team in creating inner balance, enthusiasm and focus.


There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.”

Thich Nhat Hanh 

Our four keys



 For creating inner space, calming the mind and reducing stress


 For maintaining a healthy body, opening the energy and creativity flow

Group atmosphere

For a smooth and effective collaboration in a friendly, respectful and inspiring surrounding


Self growth

 For being fulfilled with oneself on all levels


What we do

In our classes we give a break to our mind to feel the wisdom and joy of our body. We provide a safe atmosphere where people feel free to express.  Through movement and stillness, our body will open the gate for expansion, calmness and peace.

We offer a variety of ways for rising our awareness. This way, our participants find solutions for their own wellbeing.

These are some elements of our program: 

  • Yoga – Rising awareness for your body
  • Meditation – Calming the mind through stillness 
  • Breathing – Connecting with the power within ourselves
  • Self Massage – Giving yourself pleasant care 
  • Team Spirit – Playful and bounding interaction
  • Reiki – Energy Healing
  • Sound Journey – Relaxing with live music 
  • Intuitive Dance – Liberating the body with a free flow
  • Inner Dance – A way of conscious and deep relaxation through music that is matched to our brainwaves
  • Opening your senses – Subtill and exciting exploration of your senses  

In our courses, we bring you in the Now and Here. It allows you to be free from preoccupations which sharpens your mind and helps you be more focused.

After the sessions, you and your team feel energized and become more productive. The sessions also create a group atmosphere where your team members will want to help and support each other.

Most  workshops are accompanied by live music of diverse instruments: guitar, mandolin, ukulele, drum, didgeridoo, tibetan bowls, hang drum, etc.

We tailor a program specifically to your requests and the wishes of the participants.


“Learning is finding out what you already know.

Doing is demonstrating that you know it.

Teaching is reminding others that they know just as well as you.

We are all learners, doers, teachers.”

Richard Bach 

Wellbeing Packages

Three Month Program

Weekly Course for 1h-1h30.

Perfect package to feel your own progress and witness the positive impacts it has on your workplace in the long run.

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Each class is dedicated to one topic and opens different entrances to relaxation and well-being. We offer following program:

  1. Open Your Senses
  2. Get Into Your Body – Breathing and Movement
  3. Self Massage 
  4. Team Spirit I
  5. Sound Journey
  6. Body Exploration – Move and Rest
  7. Active Meditation
  8. Team Spirit II
  9. Invite Your Dreams to Come True
  10. Deep Relaxation 
  11. Team Spirit III
  12. Reflection and Closing





Full Day Workshop

One to five days course.

Perfect package for an intense team experience and self developpement opportunity. 

We create a personal program according to your wishes and the time given. 

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We are happy to provide you a workshop which fits completly your wishes and the time given. For getting an impression of our program have a look at what we do.

About us

Our work is based on what we have gathered in our journeys. All around the world we have found wise people who have shared with us their ways of being happy and fulfilling their goals.

Since February 2016 we offer workshops in small and big groups for people of all ages.

Voices of participants … 

“Just being now & here and turning off thinking – what a pleasure!” Christopher, 53

“It was a very pleasant, surprising and touching experience full of mindfulness. Thank you very much for the caring guidance and intensive music.”
Daniel, 41 

“Thank you for helping me to get in touch with myself again.” 
Marie, 36 

“After your workshop I felt very good and I realized that it really exists what I was desiring for so long.”
Nathalie, 28

“Thanks a lot for the atmosphere and energy you’re able to create every time in your workshops. I’m already looking forward to the next!”  Frank, 61

Choose positivity.

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